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I'm going to try and make this blog nonpolitical, the best I can. I am interested in many more things other then politics and this is where I'll include that stuff. I am going to make this blog the place to catch up on how the family and I are doing and what's on my mind other then politics. It's gonna be hard, so don't be surprised if I rant from time to time. Oh and my creations are mine, if you wanna copy them get permission. Copyright belongs to me.

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Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday, Monday

Well, the Packers lost yesterday, that was a bit of a downer. So much for an undefeated season, hey! That's all right, they'll play better next week. CBS apologized for using fake documents concerning Pres. Bush's Guard service. That was good, but where's the outrage? I can only imagine the press had it been Fox News with fake documents concering Sen. Kerry. I do believe they would go crazy with this. Oh well, that's politics for you. I surfed the net today, looking for info on Sen. Kerry's actions after Vietnam. Depending on what side of the fence you were on, you either got qoutes and actions or nothing at all. It also seemed to me that a lot of Veterans' groups are very anti-Kerry. A good website that I found was and also, both using facts concerning Kerry's actions. Both seem very anti-Kerry though. You can go to to find a transcript of his 1971 speech under greatest speeches, I think, if you want something that's not partisan. Honestly partisan politics is getting to me though. Vietnam is a really stupid issue to be stuck on. I need substance, from both candidates.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Hey. I am keeping it pretty light today. I used my brain enough posting on Terrette's blog. I am pretty excited for tomorrow. I am a Green Bay Packer fan and tomorrow is Suunday. The Pack plays the Bears in what I think is the most heated rivalry in all of football. The Packers seem to have a pretty good team, after the first game anyways. I don't know about the Bears, but they always keep it close against the Pack. I hope it's a good game, with the Pack coming out ahead of course. Kerri and I had a good day today, we went and saw a movie. Open Waters was what we saw. The only thing I can say, is that it was possibly the worst movie I have ever seen. They said suspense, I didn't see that. They said scary, not really. The acting was horrible, the dialogue was horrible. About the only interesting part was when the credits rolled. Please don't waste your money on that movie, unless you go into it expecting a comedy. Well I am going to go now. I have church in the morning and stuff so see ya!

Thursday, September 16, 2004

It's getting closer

The day is getting closer to my deployment to Iraq. Although I am scared and nervous, I know that a lot of people will be praying for me and that is very comforting. I also know that a lot of people will take care of Kerri, Sophie and Lily while I am gone, which is also very comforting. I know everything here will be fine. I also know that I will be taken care of because the Lord will never forsake me. I just hope that the prayers for me remain strong throughout the deployment. The Bible says that if two or more petition something in prayer the Father in Heaven will see to it. So don't stop praying for me or the other troops. I know I can speak for most troops when I say that prayer power is the most powerful power we have.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

First Day

This is my first day and of course I don't know what to say. I have recieved some info on when I am going to start my Active Duty time in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. We are scheduled to be at Ft. McCoy, Wisconsin in the beginning of November. We will hopefully be in Iraq a little bit after the new year.