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Monday, September 11, 2006

Bears 26 Packers

Bears 26 Packers

If it looks like something was forgotten in the headline or title or whatever it's called, nothing was. I didn't forget anything. The Packers on the other hand, they forgot a lot of things. I think the offensive line forgot every blocking scheme in the playbook, the defense forgot that Rex Grossman is Rex Grossman and Rex Grossman, well, he sucks, Brett Favre forgot his recievers routes or the recievers forgot routes, I don't know, but something was forgotten. Dave Rayner, the kicker, evidently forgot that field goal attempts are supposed to go straight, at least a bit straighter then his was. Oh and most importantly they forgot to score. They haven't forgotten to score since 1991.

Although the game was a highlight of forgetfulness, Ahman apparently didn't forget he was once one of the premier running backs in the league and he ran well, especially against the Bears excellent defense.

After only 60 minutes of Packer football, I am already ready to sever my relationship with the team.... Ahh who am I kidding, next week I will be sitting uselessly in front of my TV eating like a sloth, yelling, screaming, cheering and rooting for the Green Bay Packers, same as I always have since 1989. My prediction for week 2... Green Bay 34 New Orleans


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