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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Why The Republicans Will Win in 2006

For those of you expecting me to site Republican ideas and platform you are wrong. I believe the Republicans are going to win because they cannot afford to lose. If they lose, Congressional Democrats will be able to do the right thing concerning Tom DeLay, the criminal. They will be able to go ahead with his ethics hearings and probably find him guilty. They will be able to look further into the Downing Street Memos, which would be bad for the President. Last but not least they will be able to dig deeper into the Karl Rove treasongate scandal.
All of this adds up to a Republican victory in 2006 because they can control the outcomes to a certain extent. These new electronic voting machines are a voting fraud disaster waiting to happen. They can be hacked with no record of the hacking that was done. The Republicans are against creating a paper trail that would verify the electronic voting machines votes. That's scary to me.
As you can see the Republicans have a lot to lose in 2006. Will they cheat to make it happen? Only time will tell. If you live in a precinct with the electronic voting machines, vote absentee as it may be the only defense against such fraud.