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Monday, September 25, 2006

Yooper Bowl I

On a day where another Brett Favre career milestone occured, the Pack also reached a milestone for the 2006 season. Brett threw his 400th (401st and 402nd) touchdown pass(es) of his career while the Pack actually won a game. I am excited for next week (the Pack vs. Philly in a Monday night game) which I hope goes somewhat similiar. A victory against the Eagles would be quite the momentum builder for this young Packer football team. My prediction is (I am not predicting crap because they won when I didn't predict crap last week.)

My fantasy football teams looked all right yesterday, I won 2 and the other one is still up in the air, I've got the lead 63-37, but he's still got Michael Vick and Reggie Bush yet to play and I've only got the kicker John Carney. I hope I can pull this off.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here we go again.

It's Sunday. The Packers play the Lions in Yooper Bowl I 2006, my fantasy teams are basically locked and I am starting to feel my usual pre Packer game stress.

On one of my fantasy teams I've got a quandry I will welcome every week, whether to play Tiki Barber, Clinton Portis or Frank Gore and only being able to start 1 of them. That's not a bad situation. I went with Barber and Portis, so I fully expect Gore to break off to 80 yd runs in the 1st half and 65 yd run in the 2nd half. The other 2 fantasy teams are decent but nothing special, this week I am hoping a few guys overperform as I played the matchups due to bye weeks and injuries. I've got Colston at TE in one and Bubba Franks in another because I've got Gonzalez and Shockey in those leagues. Here's a quick rundown of my starters for this week:

Yahoo! League 1 MonsterRain

QB Favre Bench is: Rivers, Greg Jennings, Brown (Phi), McCallister and Maroney
WR Harrison
WR Bryant
WR Smith
RB Gore
RB Bush
TE Colston
K Carney
D Buffalo

Yahoo! League 2 Earl_Im_Starvin'

QB Palmer Bench is: Hasselbeck, Shockey, Bruce, Brown (Phi), Cadillac Williams, McCallister
WR Wayne
WR Muhammad
WR Jennings
RB Gore
RB Portis
TE Franks
K Carney
D Buffalo

In a stupid CBSSportsline League

and the rest I've forgotten... I think I've got a good chance of winning, based on projections I am going to destroy this week, so I didn't really pay attention to this team.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

This stinks and I don't like it.

Two games, no wins. So far the season here in Packerfanland is going horribly. I watched the majortiy of today's game and have to say, they didn't look bad, but they didn't look good either, especially as the game went on. They started out on fire, the D looking great, Favre throwing great, but then they hit a wall. It seemed that a lot of guys just didn't play with any umm, inspiration after the Pack went up 13- . They had no intensity. Favre's stats ended up quite good, which brings me to my next point Fantasy Football. Yes I joined a league or 3. Oh well.

My teams are doing suprisingly well considering this is my first season doing this... I am going to be 2-0 in one league, 1-1 in another and the other one is too close to call.... The league I am 2-0 in, I drafted my team, rather then the other two where the computer drafted it for me... that stinks for those two because I very rarely pay any attention to them.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Bears 26 Packers

Bears 26 Packers

If it looks like something was forgotten in the headline or title or whatever it's called, nothing was. I didn't forget anything. The Packers on the other hand, they forgot a lot of things. I think the offensive line forgot every blocking scheme in the playbook, the defense forgot that Rex Grossman is Rex Grossman and Rex Grossman, well, he sucks, Brett Favre forgot his recievers routes or the recievers forgot routes, I don't know, but something was forgotten. Dave Rayner, the kicker, evidently forgot that field goal attempts are supposed to go straight, at least a bit straighter then his was. Oh and most importantly they forgot to score. They haven't forgotten to score since 1991.

Although the game was a highlight of forgetfulness, Ahman apparently didn't forget he was once one of the premier running backs in the league and he ran well, especially against the Bears excellent defense.

After only 60 minutes of Packer football, I am already ready to sever my relationship with the team.... Ahh who am I kidding, next week I will be sitting uselessly in front of my TV eating like a sloth, yelling, screaming, cheering and rooting for the Green Bay Packers, same as I always have since 1989. My prediction for week 2... Green Bay 34 New Orleans

Friday, September 08, 2006


This week went by quick. Sophie and Lily both started school, which they both loooove. Sophie is in 1st grade and loving it. She likes the full day and all that, just hates being in a different class then her best friend. That'll happen, I guess. Lily is going to an excellent "daycare" with more of an education setting and absolutely enjoys it. She wants to go even when me or Kerri are home.

The Packers take on the Bears this week. Like usual in my nonsuprising, nondramatic way I pick the Pack to come out on top with Favre throwing for 3 TDs and the defense picking up 3 turnovers, returning one of them for a TD. It should be a good game. Green Bay 34 Chicago 16

Now that the prediction is outta the way, work is getting better. We're back up to full staff again, which makes me happy. I am now going to work more patrol shifts which is like a shot in the arm for me. I cannot wait to get out of the building, especially with hunting season right around the corner and fishing season coming to a close.