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Monday, October 09, 2006

Dropped Again

The game ended the way it started. On Green Bay's opening drive, the Pack turned the ball over on a fumble. On the final drive of the game, a drive that looked like the Pack had the game or at least overtime they turned it over. With 36 seconds left the football was knocked out of Favre's decrepit old man hand as were the Packer's chances of at least tying the game. I don't know what else I can do. I've picked the Packers to win, I've picked the Packers to lose this week I am just going to pick them to have a bye. This way I am guaranteed no disappointment.

I still believe in these Packers. I don't know why, it might that little bit of stupid I've got in me, but I believe. This team isn't has bad as everybody says it is. It's not worse either. I think the team is a lot better then they are showing. Hopefully they can disappoint the critics and at least win 5 games this year. Me, I am still pulling for the 11 game winning streak. Like I said I am stupid.


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