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Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here we go again.

It's Sunday. The Packers play the Lions in Yooper Bowl I 2006, my fantasy teams are basically locked and I am starting to feel my usual pre Packer game stress.

On one of my fantasy teams I've got a quandry I will welcome every week, whether to play Tiki Barber, Clinton Portis or Frank Gore and only being able to start 1 of them. That's not a bad situation. I went with Barber and Portis, so I fully expect Gore to break off to 80 yd runs in the 1st half and 65 yd run in the 2nd half. The other 2 fantasy teams are decent but nothing special, this week I am hoping a few guys overperform as I played the matchups due to bye weeks and injuries. I've got Colston at TE in one and Bubba Franks in another because I've got Gonzalez and Shockey in those leagues. Here's a quick rundown of my starters for this week:

Yahoo! League 1 MonsterRain

QB Favre Bench is: Rivers, Greg Jennings, Brown (Phi), McCallister and Maroney
WR Harrison
WR Bryant
WR Smith
RB Gore
RB Bush
TE Colston
K Carney
D Buffalo

Yahoo! League 2 Earl_Im_Starvin'

QB Palmer Bench is: Hasselbeck, Shockey, Bruce, Brown (Phi), Cadillac Williams, McCallister
WR Wayne
WR Muhammad
WR Jennings
RB Gore
RB Portis
TE Franks
K Carney
D Buffalo

In a stupid CBSSportsline League

and the rest I've forgotten... I think I've got a good chance of winning, based on projections I am going to destroy this week, so I didn't really pay attention to this team.


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