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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Condoms in School

A school in Wisconsin recently inadverdently handed out condoms to the middle school students during some sort of "health day." A lot of people would applaud such an act but I don't. I don't see a problem with teaching the only sure fire way to prevent STD transmission and pregnancy. The only sure fire way to do this is ABSTINENCE. I am unable to understand why the ACLU and other such organizations is against such teaching. Abstinence works for crying out loud. Maybe one day schools will provide partners so the students can learn how to do it right. How to put on the rubber and to please the partner. That would be wonderful. Sex Ed would take a wonderful turn if that happens. Heck some teachers have already volunteered to be partners for the students. That is great for Sex Ed. Who better to learn from then the teacher!! Isn't this country great?!?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Runaway Bride

What is the big deal about this runaway bride? She's an idiot who doesn't deserve to be married to a man willing to stand by her after that craziness. I know that they were engaged but they were not married, so please don't give me that "But family values" stuff. Engagement isn't marriage. I would not marry somebody who doesn't even have the courage or decency to tell me what she is feeling. I have heard that she was undersexed. Good gracious, have the decency to tell your future spouse, "Hey I really enjoy our sex life, although it is a good idea that we remain celibate while we wait to marry, I am going crazy here and might do something stupid, like end up in New Mexico and claim I was kidnapped even though I wasn't and I might even claim I was raped so after having sex with someone else it won't look like I have no morals and actually wanted it!!" Just one man's thought on this stupid scenario.