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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

1/2 The Effort

Well, the Pack looked awfully good against the Eagles for 30 minutes, which is half the time they should've looked good. They actually led at halftime, which is what I didn't expect. What I did expect happened though, as they got annihilated 31-9. The final score wasn't my biggest disappointment though, nor were Favre's 2 interceptions. It was with under 2 minutes to go, the game already decided, they had 4 chances to plug it in to the endzone from 2 yards out. A yard is a mere 3 feet... 3x2=6, so they had a miserable 6 damn feet to move the football. Did they? Why would they????!!!!???? First carry gets 'em inside the 1. Stuffed 3 times from within the one yd line, which seriously, is less then 3 feet. 3 fricking feet. Less then 3 fricking feet. They couldn't do it. I think "They couldn't do it" should be the mantra for us Packer fans this season, as they won't do it, can't do it and well just couldn't do it.

My Packer prediction for next week: St. Louis' High Powered Offense: 80 vs. Green Bay's 3 Cylinder Engine: 9 Favre: 9-36, 71yds. 0 TDs 5 Ints, Sacked 13 times. Rodgers: 9-12, 8yds, 0 TDs 3 Ints. Green 19 attempts for -8yds. Morrency 6 attempts for -12yds. Leading Reciever: Favre 3 catches (all deflected that he caught and ran with) 21yds.

On a side note, 2 of my fantasy football teams performed, well, terribly. If I have another weekend of football that goes anything like this one did, maybe I'll start watching futbol instead. Go Manchester or whatever that team in England is called.

At least the Dodgers made the wildcard. They have to face-off against the Pedroless Mets, so maybe, just maybe we can hear this.... "In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened," out of Vin Scully's mouth yet again. Although it won't be Kirk Gibson hitting the big homerun, just like it won't be Favre throwing the gamewinning TD this year.. At least Gibby's retired. In all seriousness, I am glad Favre came back, everybody's entitled to a bad game here and there.. It's just that all of Brett's have come within 2 seasons.

On a more personal note, I am sitting in my house, shirtless staring at my skinny chest wondering why God would throw somebody into this underwhelming frame. Every now and again I look at the couch cushions and want to stuff them into my shirt so it looks like I've got something that somewhat resembles a physique. Granted it'd be the same physique as Santa Claus, but right now I am stuck with the physique of Olive Oyl but not so lucky to have a tough guy like Popeye to stick up for me.


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