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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Why The Imus Firing Effects All Radio

What Don Imus said about the Rutgers women's basketball team was wrong. He cracked a joke, a throwaway line, which wasn't necessarily funny at least to me, but apologized numerous times, most recently to the Rutgers team. Don Imus got fired. He didn't violate any FCC regulations nor did he break any laws set forth of this nation. Yet he was fired.

Imus was fired because a minority of Americans threatened the companies he worked for using essentially Mafia style tactics of "You don't do this, we'll do this," which poses a lot of problems for the future of all talk radio, not just shock jocks like Don Imus and Opie and Anthony but political such as Randi Rhodes, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Rachel Maddow. I know a lot of left leaning blogs are salivating at the mouth right for the open door to get rid of conservative talk radio, by using the same tactics Al Sharpton used to silence Don Imus. Some of you say, "Good, the conservatives only spread hate anyways." These shows violate zero FCC regulations nor do they break any laws, why silence them?

I listen to a lot of talk radio, everything from Air America to Opie and Anthony, read mostly liberal blogs and consider myself a left leaning voter. I've been offended countless times listening to AAR or reading left leaning blogs because they have a habit of ripping on Christianity, which is something I hold dearly too and believe in. Rather then get all up in arms, I changed the channel. It was an easy fix. These people that offended me are free to say what they say and write what they write and I understand this. If offensive speech wasn't covered in the 1st Amendment, we wouldn't need a 1st Amendment because unpopular speech and speech that offends or hurts feelings is what's protected. Think about it. If it only covered happy speech, we wouldn't need it protected, because everybody would be happy.

I believe this issue has completely turned into an issue of free speech, even more so then hate. Imus apologized and is philanthropic to all races, not just whites. In effect Al Sharpton silenced Don Imus' freedom of speech by threatening the companies he worked for with boycotts and the such... that's fine, I accept that, but who is next? I am sure I wasn't the only person offended listening to my religion get bashed on AAR, who's to say the conservatives won't make a concentrated effort, using the tactics of Sharpton to silence that medium? Don't think they won't.

I hate to say this, but liberals and Democrats truly let me down in regards to this issue. I thought the Democratic Party believed in free speech, but I can see they believe in it, if it only benefits them. This issue is much deeper the perceived hate on the radio, much deeper. This issue will affect all talk radio to some degree, because people see what can be done, even if you don't have a majority of America behind you as long as you make enough noise. Good bye talk radio, it's been good listening to ya.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Double Standards and Racial Separtism

"This kind of use of the airwaves must be stopped," said the Rev. Al Sharpton, calling for Imus' firing. "You're talking about a show that leading political figures, presidential candidates, news anchors go on.... What precedent are we setting now, that you can apologize every 10 years when you go over the line and maybe you'll get a two-week suspension?"

"Them some nappy headed hoes there." That is what Imus said. Not exactly innocent but in comparison to: "Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks Lick on deez nutz and suck the dick Get's the fuck out after you're done And I hops in my ride to make a quick run..." the lyrics to rapper Dr. Dre's song title coincidently "Bitches Ain't Shit" it seems very innocent. Why do black Americans get away with stuff like this? According to Steve Harvey a morning talk show host and comedian, "If black people want to talk about each other a certain way, that's their option," he said. "Mr. Imus, you don't have that option. You can't say what I say." That is a double standard and racial seperation at it's finest. It wasn't to long ago Steve Harvey made fun of southern "rednecks" on his show and I seen absolutely no outrage from white America demanding his firing. I constantly hear black comedians making fun of white people all the time and nobody considers this racism?

Lyrics to popular music within the black culture constantly degrade women, use the dreaded "n-word" and say far worse things then Don Imus. Let me ask you this, who has more influence in the black community a top selling rap artist or Don Imus? Although Sharpton and the other black "leaders" have attacked, I shouldn't even say attacked, rap lyrics in summits and meetings and that sort of thing, but they have never demonstrated against these lyrics nor have they ever called for the removal of these lyrics or removal of an artist using them from a record label. To me this is a double standard.. that's bullshit, afterall this is America. Words are words and to say that one group can use certain words but another can't is separatism. Double standards are not what America was founded on.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nineteen Eighty-Four

When I was a Junior in high school I had an English teacher who was an amazing teacher has well as an amazing person. Every Friday our English class consisted of "Silent Sustained Reading," as they liked to call it. I looked forward to Friday because I could a book of my choosing, which was usually a book about a famous athlete or sports. One day I forgot my book. My teacher said to me, "Brian, I've been waiting for you to forget your book because I want you to read something that matters. From now on, as your punishment you will read books of my choosing for the rest of the year."

I read a lot of books that I didn't know were wonderful books such as A Catcher In the Rye, Animal Farm, Steal This Book and a poetry book with poems mostly by Edgar Allan Poe. Near the end of the school year he gave me Nineteen Eighty-Four. Being as we only had a couple weeks of class left, I didn't finish the book. I finally got around to finishing it 10 years after the fact and can only say one thing, thank goodness for my teacher. Had he not showed me that other things besides sports existed, had he not tapped into my intellect (which he planned to do, he was just waiting for the right time) I may never have understood why being politically active and seeking more information then you get from the news is so important. Granted I have changed my political views over the years from being a conservative to becoming a supporter of the Democratic Party but it was because of my English teacher pushing the importance of expanding your horizons onto me.

One lesson he taught me, other then reading books that weren't all sports books, was to never stop thinking and to always seek out answers. Once a month we were allowed to read a magazine. Seeing as my teacher chose my reading material for me, I had to read the Utne Reader. For a spell, I wrote it off as liberal spin on issues that were unimportant, but it did encourage me to seek out reasons why I thought this. (Thank goodness most of my thinking was done for me, by Rush Limbaugh at that time.) Well there came a point where I'd start seeking deeper into issues that Limbaugh was spewing about and seen how wrong a lot of views were according to my worldly views.

Now getting back to Nineteen Eighty-Four. My teacher warned me before I read that book. He told me it may forever change my world views and I may see things differently from the time I finish that book on. He was right. With modern technology progressing the way it has, the seemingly neverending war on terror and the Patriot Act we are well on our way to such things. It may seem far fetched but Big Brother's plan didn't happen overnight either. Was George Orwell's book a book of prophecy? Only time will tell.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Dropped Again

The game ended the way it started. On Green Bay's opening drive, the Pack turned the ball over on a fumble. On the final drive of the game, a drive that looked like the Pack had the game or at least overtime they turned it over. With 36 seconds left the football was knocked out of Favre's decrepit old man hand as were the Packer's chances of at least tying the game. I don't know what else I can do. I've picked the Packers to win, I've picked the Packers to lose this week I am just going to pick them to have a bye. This way I am guaranteed no disappointment.

I still believe in these Packers. I don't know why, it might that little bit of stupid I've got in me, but I believe. This team isn't has bad as everybody says it is. It's not worse either. I think the team is a lot better then they are showing. Hopefully they can disappoint the critics and at least win 5 games this year. Me, I am still pulling for the 11 game winning streak. Like I said I am stupid.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

1/2 The Effort

Well, the Pack looked awfully good against the Eagles for 30 minutes, which is half the time they should've looked good. They actually led at halftime, which is what I didn't expect. What I did expect happened though, as they got annihilated 31-9. The final score wasn't my biggest disappointment though, nor were Favre's 2 interceptions. It was with under 2 minutes to go, the game already decided, they had 4 chances to plug it in to the endzone from 2 yards out. A yard is a mere 3 feet... 3x2=6, so they had a miserable 6 damn feet to move the football. Did they? Why would they????!!!!???? First carry gets 'em inside the 1. Stuffed 3 times from within the one yd line, which seriously, is less then 3 feet. 3 fricking feet. Less then 3 fricking feet. They couldn't do it. I think "They couldn't do it" should be the mantra for us Packer fans this season, as they won't do it, can't do it and well just couldn't do it.

My Packer prediction for next week: St. Louis' High Powered Offense: 80 vs. Green Bay's 3 Cylinder Engine: 9 Favre: 9-36, 71yds. 0 TDs 5 Ints, Sacked 13 times. Rodgers: 9-12, 8yds, 0 TDs 3 Ints. Green 19 attempts for -8yds. Morrency 6 attempts for -12yds. Leading Reciever: Favre 3 catches (all deflected that he caught and ran with) 21yds.

On a side note, 2 of my fantasy football teams performed, well, terribly. If I have another weekend of football that goes anything like this one did, maybe I'll start watching futbol instead. Go Manchester or whatever that team in England is called.

At least the Dodgers made the wildcard. They have to face-off against the Pedroless Mets, so maybe, just maybe we can hear this.... "In a year that has been so improbable, the impossible has happened," out of Vin Scully's mouth yet again. Although it won't be Kirk Gibson hitting the big homerun, just like it won't be Favre throwing the gamewinning TD this year.. At least Gibby's retired. In all seriousness, I am glad Favre came back, everybody's entitled to a bad game here and there.. It's just that all of Brett's have come within 2 seasons.

On a more personal note, I am sitting in my house, shirtless staring at my skinny chest wondering why God would throw somebody into this underwhelming frame. Every now and again I look at the couch cushions and want to stuff them into my shirt so it looks like I've got something that somewhat resembles a physique. Granted it'd be the same physique as Santa Claus, but right now I am stuck with the physique of Olive Oyl but not so lucky to have a tough guy like Popeye to stick up for me.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Yooper Bowl I

On a day where another Brett Favre career milestone occured, the Pack also reached a milestone for the 2006 season. Brett threw his 400th (401st and 402nd) touchdown pass(es) of his career while the Pack actually won a game. I am excited for next week (the Pack vs. Philly in a Monday night game) which I hope goes somewhat similiar. A victory against the Eagles would be quite the momentum builder for this young Packer football team. My prediction is (I am not predicting crap because they won when I didn't predict crap last week.)

My fantasy football teams looked all right yesterday, I won 2 and the other one is still up in the air, I've got the lead 63-37, but he's still got Michael Vick and Reggie Bush yet to play and I've only got the kicker John Carney. I hope I can pull this off.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Here we go again.

It's Sunday. The Packers play the Lions in Yooper Bowl I 2006, my fantasy teams are basically locked and I am starting to feel my usual pre Packer game stress.

On one of my fantasy teams I've got a quandry I will welcome every week, whether to play Tiki Barber, Clinton Portis or Frank Gore and only being able to start 1 of them. That's not a bad situation. I went with Barber and Portis, so I fully expect Gore to break off to 80 yd runs in the 1st half and 65 yd run in the 2nd half. The other 2 fantasy teams are decent but nothing special, this week I am hoping a few guys overperform as I played the matchups due to bye weeks and injuries. I've got Colston at TE in one and Bubba Franks in another because I've got Gonzalez and Shockey in those leagues. Here's a quick rundown of my starters for this week:

Yahoo! League 1 MonsterRain

QB Favre Bench is: Rivers, Greg Jennings, Brown (Phi), McCallister and Maroney
WR Harrison
WR Bryant
WR Smith
RB Gore
RB Bush
TE Colston
K Carney
D Buffalo

Yahoo! League 2 Earl_Im_Starvin'

QB Palmer Bench is: Hasselbeck, Shockey, Bruce, Brown (Phi), Cadillac Williams, McCallister
WR Wayne
WR Muhammad
WR Jennings
RB Gore
RB Portis
TE Franks
K Carney
D Buffalo

In a stupid CBSSportsline League

and the rest I've forgotten... I think I've got a good chance of winning, based on projections I am going to destroy this week, so I didn't really pay attention to this team.