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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Oh Nut(s)

A few weeks ago I was taking a shower and washing my self when I discovered this pea shaped thing hanging off my left nut. I wasn't too impressed, I don't even like peas. I finally made an appointment to see a Doctor, tomorrow. I'm actually seeing a PA who was also on my Legion Baseball team and an aquintance of mine growing up, which is kind of odd, considering the ummm, examination area. It's going to be kind of embarassing but he knows enough to find out what it is, why it's there and what needs to be done and I actually trust that he will be aggresive in treatment and make damn sure all is well in nutland.
I'm hoping it's not the big C(ancer) word. When I called to make the appointment the receptionist seemed kind of angry to be doing her job, telling me that there were no appointments available for a couple of weeks. She then asked what the symptoms I had were, so I told her and she said, "That changes things a bit, I'll see you at 11:00am Wednesday, you'll being seeing..." My first thought was actually shit, him? I used to hang out with him, he can't be examining me there. But like I said earlier, I do trust him a lot to not leave any stone unturned. I hope I know more tomorrow and I also hope the offending nut isn't offended at me for getting him checked out. I mean these are my boys, they've been with me through everything.
Although if the offending nut is removed, I was thinking I could talk to my boss about being able to get to work 7 and a half minutes later. We spend the first 15 minutes of the shift scratching our nuts, so if I've only got half the nut to scratch, it makes sense to me.


Anonymous GiG said...

Dell, I hope your visit goes well tomorrow and that you have nothing to worry about even if it means having to get to work on time :)

I'll be thinking about you, good luck!

Tue Feb 07, 10:41:00 PM EST  
Blogger DeLLBerto said...

Hey GiG! The visit went good, they are going to be running some tests (blood and ultrasound) to see what's going on. They didn't have many answers today unfortunately, but hey, they are Doctor's not miracle workers. Thank you for your thoughts, I'll be sure to post here what I can.

Wed Feb 08, 02:40:00 PM EST  
Blogger Lizzy said...


The waiting is the worst part. But I am sure it will turn out Ok, I hope it does. You are in my prayers.

Thu Feb 09, 08:35:00 PM EST  
Blogger DeLLBerto said...

The waiting is stressful. I believe everything is honky dory, believe it or not. Earlier in the week it was a different story but tonight, I'm at ease.

Thu Feb 09, 08:38:00 PM EST  

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