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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Michigan Action Alert

Fellow Michiganders,

The Michigan Board of State Canvassers has approved the wording for to get an initiative on this November's ballot. The ballot would affect affirmative action programs in government employment and contracting and education, which includes university admissions. Some of the wording that strikes me as odd is "preferential treatment" appearing on the ballot. I don't believe affirmative action provides preferential treatment to anybody, but I do believe it provides equal oppurtunity, especially to minorities and women.

I believe the state of Michigan voters should vote no on this initiative and potential change to our state's Constitution. I hate to say it but here I go, racism and sexism still exist. We must do what we can to keep protections in place that help prevent business owners, universities and government programs from being able to discriminate on a whim. Without these protections poor African Americans, Latinos, Asian Pacific Americans and women as well as middle class and rich of this group of Americans might again be brought back to pre Civil Rights America and we as Americans and especially Michiganders deserve better.

We have to start getting the word out now to our fellow Michiganders that such an iniative is not only racist but it's bad for Michigan economically, as women and minorities will not come here and those that are here may leave to find greener pastures elsewhere.

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Blogger fade2bluz said...

It's interesting that the ballot initiatives the Republicans dream up have one thing in common: turn back time.

They resent equality, but don't have the cojones to admit it. Their homophobia brought out the "defense of marriage" droves. This one should bring out the closet racists, because there is no way to be open about it without shame any more. Or is there?

Disgusting--and I hope it fails by a wide margin.

Sat Jan 21, 04:38:00 PM EST  
Blogger DeLLBerto said...

I love the way it's always turn back the clock for the right wing bastards. I guess the days of Jim Crow, no voting for women/minorities were the good ole days to them bastards.

Sat Jan 21, 05:33:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Barbi said...

We must do what we can to keep protections in place that help prevent business owners, universities and government programs from being able to discriminate on a whim.

Exactly. Everyone should be treated equal. That IS the American dream Dr. King held to, and it should be a reality.
Progress, forward. Regression, backward.

Sat Jan 21, 06:03:00 PM EST  
Anonymous DeLLBerto said...

I should write that has LTE. If anyone has any improvements I could make too it, drop off the ideas here in the comment box.

Sat Jan 21, 06:14:00 PM EST  
Blogger DeLLBerto said...

Barbi, you still out there?

Sat Jan 21, 08:09:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Barbi said...

Sorry I missed you. E me if you wish.

Sun Jan 22, 07:48:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Barbi said...

Dell, you might be interested in adding this site to your links list.

Sun Jan 22, 06:57:00 PM EST  

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