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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Random opinions on random "pundits"

Rush Limbaugh- Quite simply put, Rush is one ill individual. I don't understand how people can listen to him with a straight face. It's freaking baffling. Here's a dude who's had three divorces, drug addiction, avoided Vietnam and calls himself "The epitome of morality and vitrue." How can you honestly take that seriously?

Bill O'Reilly- This dude is quite the turd too. He's another one that's baffling to me. He claims to be the "No Spin Zone" yet gets me dizzy everytime I've watched him or listened to him. In December of 2003 he wrote an article The assault on morality never lets up, which is frightening to me that he has the guts to defend morality. For pete's sake he did settle out of court for sexually harassing a woman. He also said: "The main point here is that trying to hurt a business or a person because you disagree with what they say is simply unacceptable in America. And that message has been sent by FOX. There's a principle in play. Vigorous debate is embraced by us, but smear campaigns will be confronted."- Bill O'Reilly Talking Points, The O'Reilly Factor, 8-13-03 all the while, going after Pepsi for hiring Ludacris and suing Al Franken for using the words "fair and balanced" on his book cover. Okay enough on him, he's a jackass.

Ann Coulter- I don't know if Ms. Coulter has ever met a fact she liked. Just Google "Ann Coulter Lies and see what ya find.

Well, I'm getting as irritated as I do when I'm trying to sleep and a mosquito keeps buzzing around my head. That my friends, is irritating. No matter how hard you try you cannot get that mosquito, just like no matter how hard you try, you will never convince the "sheeple" followers of those pundits what reality is.


Anonymous Barbi said...

DeLLberto, now you know as well as I do what would happen if the shoe were on the other foot.

Those asshats in your post are traitors to America, and fascist propagandists, imo. I won't let them pollute my air ways. They are evil.

Tue Jan 31, 01:23:00 AM EST  

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