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Tuesday, February 14, 2006


After hearing about Maj. Paul Hackett's withdrawl from the Senate race in Ohio, I got pissed. After hearing it was his own party that urged him to do so, the veins in my head started showing, my face got beat red and I made a strange cartoon like choo choo noise. I wasn't near a mirror so I can't say if steam came out my ears or not, but I'll go out on a limb and say it did.

I've been hearing the Democratic Party is like a big tent. Well after screwing the pooch on so many things, I've come to conclusion, it's a fucking circus tent. A three ring fucking circus. We've got no such thing as voting within party lines, no unified message because of some DINOs, no party discipline and sometimes it seems like we've got monkeys running the show at least in the DSSC. That's a circus right there.

We've got corruption running rampant on the other side and we cannot come together and go for the jugular. Right now the Democratic Party's heals should be squishing the Republican Party into the pavement, from Bush right on down to the lowest Township Supervisor. Instead it doesn't seem like we can get it straight. Unify guys, enough is enough already. Do they not realize that by pissing off the base of the party they won't have a party? Do they not realize they are pissing away perhaps the most golden oppurtunity to come back to power since Clinton made his debut?


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