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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Logic 101: As Taught by Michelle Malkin

Here's a link to Michelle Malkin's latest article. Read that article. I'm going to use her logic.

President Lincoln wanted to free the slaves, some were against the idea. Now a couple hundred years later, the slaves have been freed but we're paying for it every day. Who is paying for it? Everybody!!

I don't think Lincoln envisioned the problem blacks would be to this nation has a whole. Because of his push to free the slaves, we now have a whole race that is free and committing crimes all across the nation. Has anybody in Lincoln's family apologized for the havoc created by freeing the slaves? Blacks have committed crimes against people, but we hear nothing of these victims.

Take Craig Price, a notorious black serial killer. He killed 3 white people in Warwick, Rhode Island. Detectives said it was the most heinous scene they ever seen. Craig was sentenced to 15 years, 8 of them which were suspended. In Feb. 1996 Craig bit a correctional officer's finger, placing him with charges of violation of probation, in 1998 he was charged with contempt of court for failing to undergo state ordered psychological treatments. He might get out of prison in 2022.

Lincoln freeeing the slaves led to:

Countless women raped by black men.
Countless cities burned to the ground because of blacks rioting.
Black neighborhood having higher crime rates.
The Ku Klux Klan being created.

I understand the freeing of the slaves was an emotional issue but it still continues to bite America in the ass. I think white supremacists, racists, xenophobes and afrophobes would agree.

(For those who don't know, couldn't figure it out, don't know me or whatever, this is satirical and by no means is my actual view.)

By using Michelle Malkin's logic, which seems to be the logic coming from the majority of rightwing pundits, it's painfully obvious that they really do seem to hate other races. I understand that ILLEGAL immigrants are in this nation illegally, but they are here now and they are contributing to our nation. Just by using a fake Social Security number they are contributing. Even though it's illegal, they are contributing to the Social Security system.

As a nation we are in way over our heads with the current problem. It is very much against common sense to try and round up all the illegal immigrants to deport them. It would be costly, time consuming and very impractical. We should start at the borders, I believe. Secure the borders so they cannot enter illegally and we'll cut down on the problem. They'll find a way, but can you blame them? This is the land of oppurtunity, afterall.

We should handle the illegal immigrants that here right now with an amnesty type program. I like that idea a lot. It gives them time to become legal citizens, the right way, adds protection from businesses exploiting them and can also raise revenue for the nation by them paying income tax and the such. We should also handle the businesses that employ known illegals by hitting them in the pocketbook. How would a couple thousand dollars per illegally employed immigrant hit a company? Not so well. How would a company's reputation fare if it's known that they are knowingly hiring illegal workers for jobs that could've been given to American citizens or legal immigrants.

Exploitation of illegal immigrants has to end now. It starts by punishing the employers that hire illegal immigrants and ends with everybody in this nation who is here illegally with legal citizenship, legal work visas and better pay for all involved, whether they are illegal immigrants or not. By granting those here visas or citizenship it ends the exploitation, ending the "competition" to hire the cheapest labor possibe and giving fair wages for the job to be done.


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