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Monday, April 03, 2006

Opening Day?

Today is Major League Baseball's "opening day" (they had a night game last night) and the weather here is refusing to cooperate! It's cold, windy and snowing at times. What an opening day up here in the UP!

On tap for the LA Dodgers: v. Atlanta Braves, probable starting pitcher is: Tim Hudson for Atl. and Derek Lowe for the Dodgers. Game time is 4:10 EST. The Dodgers have put starting CF Kenny Lofton on the 15 day DL, which means Jason Repko will be starting in his place today. I think the line up will look something like this:

1. SS Rafael Furcal
2. CF Jason Repko
3. RF JD Drew
4. 2B Jeff Kent
5. 1B Nomar Garciaparra
6. 3B Bill Mueller
7. LF Jose Cruz, Jr.
8. C Dionar Navarro
9. P Derek Lowe

Good luck this season Dodgers! Good luck to the rest of the MLB, well other then the SF Giants, screw los Gigantes.


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