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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring in the UP??

It's is beautiful out today. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and I don't see a lot of snow in my yard. My cold is going away, other then the pesky cough.. but that's easy to deal with; at least my nose isn't dripping and my body no longer aches.

The Dodgers picked up a victory last night over the Braves. James Loney was called up to replace the injured Nomar Garciaparra and played a good game. He's a 21 yr. old rookie, straight from Double A ball. I hope he can continue to play good ball. My fantasy baseball team basically sucks, this week I stuck myself behind the 8-ball by forgetting to set my line up for the first game, which gave me absolutely no points for that day. Oh well, hopefully it'll get better.

Still no word on whether Brett Favre is going to retire. A lot of sports talk guys are ripping into Favre for comments he made about not helping Aaron Rodgers last season and about the situation with retirement. I can understand why they are ripping, but Brett says stuff like that a lot. He doesn't sugarcoat things during an interview, he's always been candid. He said it wasn't his responsibility to coach Aaron Rodgers, which I can agree with, it isn't. I know he is helping him out a lot, which I don't think the media picks up on for some reason. Oh well. He's a HOF quarterback, arguably the best to play the position ever. He'll go down in history. But I do want to know if he's tarnished his image by his comments last season and thus far with the retirement "controversy" this off-season. What do you readers think?

The "Hammer" has stopped pounding away with his bribes and money laundering, announcing his resignation yesterday or the day before, I don't remember, but Tom DeLay is gone. Does this further prove the GOP is in disarray or is this something that was very overdue? I think it was overdue, but I also think it proves the GOP IS in complete disarray.


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