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I'm going to try and make this blog nonpolitical, the best I can. I am interested in many more things other then politics and this is where I'll include that stuff. I am going to make this blog the place to catch up on how the family and I are doing and what's on my mind other then politics. It's gonna be hard, so don't be surprised if I rant from time to time. Oh and my creations are mine, if you wanna copy them get permission. Copyright belongs to me.

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Sunday, January 01, 2006


Well, my time has come, I've been tagged to give five random facts about myself so here they go:

1. I am a diehard Los Angeles Dodger and Green Bay Packer fan.
2. I haven't been in a fistfight since the age of 11.
3. I started my blog only to keep in touch with friends and family while I was away for the Army. Now I use it to rant, rave and because of it have met more friends.. KA.
4. I have the icky habit of biting my fingernails. Especially when I'm thinking.
5. I drink more Mountain Dew then any human should consume. I drink a bare minimum of 6 a day. Oh and I hate snow and winter too.

I hope those facts are good enough. That was actually kind of fun. I will think of people to tag back in the morning, so until then, be afraid, be very afraid.


Blogger Lizzy said...

LOL Brian,

You hate snow, oh dear you picked the wrong place to live.

Peace to you and yours!

Sun Jan 01, 02:38:00 AM EST  
Anonymous Barbi said...

I hate snow, too, upstate buddy!
Well, actually I wouldn't mind so much if it just weren't so durned cold! Kinda pretty to look at though. Almost worth the suffering to get to spring and summer.

Love a good rant and rave, too! Blog on! (Oh, and ya can't type if yer chewing yer nails! Tsk!)

Mon Jan 02, 09:24:00 AM EST  
Blogger DeLLBerto said...

I wish snow would be something that could be enjoyed in nice warm weather. That would make snow more enjoyable. The reason my blog makes no sense is because I can't think (bite nails) and type at the same time.... I need a better habit to think with.

Mon Jan 02, 05:39:00 PM EST  
Anonymous Barbi said...

Your blogging here, (and there), makes a lot of sense, DeLL.

A better habit? Chewing gum? ;-)

Mon Jan 09, 03:48:00 PM EST  

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