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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Greens turning Blue

Since 9/11 we've been bombarded with the message "Support the Troops" by the Bush administration. For them it seems to be more of a word thing, rather then an action thing. They can spew that rhetoric all they want, but the fact that they actually support the troops isn't shown by policy. Republicans voted to cut 14.5 billion dollars for Veterans from the 2006 budget. This year alone Republicans have voted against increasing veterans healthcare 5 times. In 2004 Republicans voted against expanding VA healthcare by 1.8 billion dollars, even though the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office predicted the expansion could help 3 million veterans. In 2003 they voted against a 1.019 billion dollar increase. 2001, same thing, 1.7 billion dollars turned down.

Where does that leave us? It leaves us with a long waiting list of veterans waiting to get medical help. The wait could be six months or two years. We've got aprox. 517,000 claims pending alone. The 15,000 or so wounded troops returning home from Iraq and Afghanistan are a lot of the waiting.

With words of "Support the Troops" spewing out of the mouths of Republicans at every chance they get, you'd figure they'd put the money where their mouth is. But instead, they let those who've served this nation suffer. Actions always speak louder then words, so let's see some action!! Until the Republicans stop voting no on raises to VA healthcare and yes on cuts, I will continue to see the doublespeak for what it is.. a crock pot full of poop roast.


Blogger Lizzy said...

I support the troops and I support bringing them home.

Sun Nov 27, 03:10:00 PM EST  

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