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I'm going to try and make this blog nonpolitical, the best I can. I am interested in many more things other then politics and this is where I'll include that stuff. I am going to make this blog the place to catch up on how the family and I are doing and what's on my mind other then politics. It's gonna be hard, so don't be surprised if I rant from time to time. Oh and my creations are mine, if you wanna copy them get permission. Copyright belongs to me.

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Friday, August 26, 2005


Well, I've got a job.. it's a job that I actually enjoy a lot, I just wish I could make more money doing it. I bag and stock groceries at a local grocery store. It isn't exactly the most prestigious job nor is it a get rich quick job, but for some reason I enjoy it. I really do wish I could land a job in the field I have chosen, which is law enforcement, but up here the going is rough in that field. A lot of other jobs I have applied for must look at my degree and chuckle or something. They must think, "A degree in law enforcement and he wants to install broadband.." or " A degree in law enforcement and this scumbag wants to run our store.." Oh well what's one to do. Someday.


Anonymous somebodys stepmom said...

that is a great job to meet people. be faithful in the small things and you will be given bigger things.

Mon Aug 29, 03:02:00 PM EDT  

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