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Friday, August 19, 2005

Metallic Sulfide Mining

Kennecott Mining wants to mine the Yellow Dog plains area of the UP. I am opposed to this idea. Here are some facts to chew on.
1. Kennecott mining is on record as being the number 1 generator of toxic materials in the US.
2. Once the reaction caused by sulfide mining begins it is hard to contain and never fails to pollute the watershed being mined.
3. AMD needs to be put somewhere, usually ending up polluting streams and underground water supplies.
4. The effects are immediate and continue long after mining operations have ceased.
5. The area is virtually undeveloped right now. A mining operation would need electricity, causing an electrical grid to be put up, transportation, causing paved roads in an area with only seasonal dirt roads, they would need to get the mined materials out, causing them to build a railroad system in the pristine wilderness.
6. I was virtually raised in the Yellow Dog plains. My Grandpa Ron's camp is in that area, which is where I spent pretty much every weekend from 1989 to 1996. It would be a shame to see such prisine wilderness turned into nothing more then a stinky, polluted and downright nasty area. I want my kids to enjoy the area just as much as I did as a youngster. It is where I caught my first fish, hunted for the first time and learned to treasure the outdoors for the beauty, peace and serenity it offers.
These are just some facts. I am not well researched on the idea of sulfide mining the Yellow Dog plains but these facts alone scream to me, "NOOO don't let it happen!!"
Some pro-mining "facts."
1. It will provide jobs for the area.
WRONG-O: Kennecott plans to mine for 7-10 years in the area. With Kennecott mines constantly being shut down, they will just transfer the laid off miners from the other mines, such as one in Nevada currently shut down. The unemployment rates of the areas that they have mined remained at the same levels as before they started.
2. It will provide a great part of the economy for the UP.
WRONG-O: The materials mined will be shipped to foriegn countries and the UP will be lucky to see 10% of what Kennecott makes.
I hope anyone from Michigan reading this, especially the UP, will contact their State Reps, the governor, the media and anybody else that can help to prevent the Yellow Dog plains from being destroyed. I am usually not one to become an "activist" of any sort, but Sulfide Mining has no place in the Yellow Dog plains.


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