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Friday, August 05, 2005


After looking at the Packers schedule I think they will go 10-6 at least. The first 5 games they play are against non play-off teams from last season, so I hope they pull out at least 4-1 from that. I think the NFC North is going to be tougher then previous years as the Bears and Lions seem to be coming around a bit more.
I think Favre will be his usual self and throw at least 30 tds with 3500 yards. With his off-season workout regimen I do expect more from him though. He is one of the toughtest QBs to ever play the game but age is kind of catching up with him. If that workout regimen worked then age won't be to big of a factor. He claims to have gained mobility, which is a good thing, let's see if he can match his numbers from one of his 3 MVP seasons.
The defense doesn't look to be a bright spot yet again. For the third season in a row they are changing schemes and just like last pre-season the attitude is "Just wait, we're going to surprise people." Last season I was surprised, surprised that they flat out sucked. I hope they do good with this scheme but if history repeats itself, the offense might be the best defense.
I really do hope this is a Super Bowl year for the Pack. If things go right, add a little bit of luck, some decent defense, with Favre regaining his MVP stats I think we have a shot at it. I do think the Pack will be in the NFC Championship game, unless Favre implodes during the play-offs like he's been known to do. Well here's to another great season of Packer football.. Go Pack Go.


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