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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

More Fishing

Did some more fly-fishing yesterday, caught a bunch of fish but none big enough to keep. I also saw some of the great UP wildlife, 3 deer, a racoon, a beaver and last but most deadly a bear. It was kind of scary seeing the bear, every noise I heard after seeing it I thought was it coming after me. It wasn't a very big one so I figure Mommy wasn't lurking to far away and that's what scared me the most. But like any Yooper I kept fishing. It was amazing to watch all the fish surfacing and jumping. It seemed every cast I would get a strike which was exciting and fun. I missed a decent sized brook trout, it had to be at least 10 inches, which is the legal size limit in the stream I was fishing.
As much as I like Pres. Bush as a person, his presidency is starting to bother me now. He seems to stretch the truth a lot. 20/20 hindsight about the war in Iraq has me thinking "What the heck are we doing there???" It seems to me that the war was started on faulty intelligence that a lot of people knew about including Democrats alike but voted to use force anyway. I wonder what kind of vested interest these politicians have in the war, such as Haliburton and other contractors working there now. Don't get me wrong I still support the President and the troops but I truly feel sorry for them. One of my good friends downrange has told me stuff and the people in the military that I have seen and talked too say it's a terrible place. They support what we are doing now, the rebuilding and such but don't support why we were there in the first place. Not all mind you, but some. I don't want to sound like a whistleblower or anything it's almost equal, with the slight majority going to those troops who wonder WTF are we doing there. Oh well, I can sit here and whine all I want and it's not going to make much of a difference. Maybe 2008 will be better. As Green Day says "Wake me up when September ends."


Anonymous Brandon Dean said...

Don't lose heart!!!

Simply because some of the intelligence relied upon prior to the invasion of Iraq turned out to be incorrect should not be a basis for thinking that any politicians 'stretched' the truth. Intelligence is always 'iffy', and all you can expect out of the President and Congress is that they make the best decisions they can based upon the limited intelligence available. It's not like anyone falsified anything in order to create a reason to invade Iraq when no good reason existed.

Also, don't fall for the liberal rhetoric that Weapons of Mass Destruction were the only reason we went to Iraq. It was a major reason, and yes, it turns out there were only very limited amounts of WMDs in Iraq by the time we finally got there, but there were many other compelling reasons to go and President Bust cited all of them.

While we have never been able to obtain proof that Sadaam Hussein had anything to do with 9/11, we have obtained rock solid evidence that he was connected with Al Qaida in other ways. His terrorist connections were widespread; as evidenced by the vast amounts of terrorists fighting against the 'occupation' of his country.

Don't forget that Hussein tried to have the first President Bush assasinated. That alone is reason enough to invade his country.

Also, our planes, flying over Iraq under United Nations approval were routinely shot at by anti-aircraft guns manned by Iraq's military. This alone is a justification for war.

Hussein murdered hundreds of thousands of people in his own country, aided terrorists, and whether or not he had weapons of mass destruction at the time of the invasion, there is very little doubt he would have done all he could to get them once the weapons inspectors' backs were turned.

Before World War II, Winston Churchill warned everyone that it was a mistake to underestimate Hitler and give him time to build up a fighting force. The world, still reeling from World War I, laughed and instead took the tact of appeasing Hitler. The rest is history.

President Bush, and Prime Minister Tony Blair learned from history, and refused to make the same mistake again. They showed courage and conviction and DID WHAT WAS RIGHT.

Halliburton is in Iraq right now because they were the ONLY company qualified and equiped to do the job that needed to be done. True, Vice President Cheney USED TO run that company, but he has no affiliation with them now. President Bush also has no present ties to any oil corporations.

And let's not forget the underlying reason we are in Iraq. We are spreading Democracy. As long as there are fanatical theocracies in the Middle East, America will be in danger. Iraq and Afghanistan are democracies now. Women can vote for the first time. Girls can go to school. Poor and rich people are equally represented. This is FREEDOM, and with freedom comes the ability to do what is right. The more Democracies that are established around the world, the safer we all are.

And the message Iraq sent to the world was received loud and clear. Libya VOLUNTARILY cancelled its nuclear weapons program after they witnessed what America was willing to do to keep weapons of mass destruction out of the hands of violent dictators.

The Bush Doctrine is working. True, some of the intelligence we had prior to the war in Iraq was faulty, but intelligence is always somewhat faulty. But everyone believed it was reliable, Democrats and Republicans alike.

I'm sure that there are soldiers who hate being in Iraq. It's not a comfortable existence. But as far as wars go, this war in Iraq is phenomenally successful. The spread of Democracy equates directly to American freedom, Israeli freedom, and liberation and eventual freedom for Arabic nations worldwide. I'm sure it is normal for soldiers to question their purpose in a situation like Iraq, and the press in America don't make it easier by always reporting only the negative, but what they are doing over there is so vitally important.

Thu Aug 11, 05:11:00 PM EDT  

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