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Friday, August 05, 2005

More fishing.

Last night Kerri, the kids and I went fishing. It was a really good time. Sophie caught two chubbs, one Lily insisted on gutting, which she did. I cut the fish open for her and she took the guts out. I think Lily has a career in the medical field waiting for her. With the way Sophie fishes I think she'll be a pro fisherwoman. Everytime I take her out fishing she catches something. She gets so excited and seems to enjoy it a lot. The look on her face when she gets a bite is unbeatable. It's just great. I tried a bit with the fly-rod and got skunked. I had a couple of good strikes though. I wish I could've hooked them and maybe brought home a brook trout supper. Oh well, it was an awesome night.
The girls are in a play. They are munchkins in the Wizard of Oz. It is going to be so cute. I cannot wait. It starts in a couple of weeks at the Vista theatre in Negaunee, MI. I've been to some rehearsals and I do believe the munchkin parts of the play are going to be worth the price of admission alone. It's going to be adorable. I don't think I am going to miss a show.
Sunday I am going to be helping at a Christian music fest. Our neighbors are going to be playing so I volunteered to help set-up. So I am going to be a roadie. I think that will be fun.
"Wake me up when September ends."


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