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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Another night on the water.

Kerri and I went fishing tonight while the kids were at play rehearsal. It was an awesome night. It was a lot of fun watching Kerri fish. She's so cute. She was on a roll, catching at least 8 chubs and 1 brookie. She pulled another brookie out but he wriggled off the hook. The one she caught went for 8 1/2 inches the one she missed was at least that, but looked bigger. I reckon you're wondering how I did. Well, if I were playing cribbage, I would have "Fifed", "Barneyed", been "countin' 'em later" or had the classic 19 hand. Which means nothing, not a brookie to be had by the Bri-Man. Oh well, I am guaranteed a fishing trip for Sunday so hopefully things will go better.
Well, the Dodgers are 1 out from coming back in the 9th to beat the Braves. It really has been a good night. Fishing with my wife, the Dodgers win, now what can beat that... other then getting off my computer and joining my family in the living room. Thanks for checking, somebody please comment so I know I am at least typing to somebody not myself here.


Anonymous Dad said...

It sounds like a good time alright. All the girls are showing you up fishing. It is great though isn't it. I'm looking forward to all of us doing some camping & fishing. Where did you go? Maybe you should scrap the fly fishing & go back to worms.

Wed Aug 17, 07:02:00 PM EDT  
Blogger DeLLBerto said...

We went to the Escanaba in front of Tom's camp. No way will I scrap fly fishing as I usually catch a brookie or two, I just choose to throw them back most of the time. I am now officially a snobby fly fisherman who only fishes for trout. What a snob hey.

Wed Aug 17, 10:51:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous somebodys stepmom said...

I love hearing about your fishing trips and your family times. you're a good dad!

Thu Aug 18, 03:32:00 PM EDT  
Anonymous Dad said...

No your not a snob at all. I'll have to join you in a few years. Can,t wait. Can you get a vidio of the girls play? We'll pay for it.

Fri Aug 19, 06:46:00 PM EDT  
Blogger DeLLBerto said...

I don't know about the video of they play. I will try to get more information, or have Kerri get more info tonight.

Sat Aug 20, 10:49:00 AM EDT  

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