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Friday, November 12, 2004

Hey guys

Things are moving slow so far. The unit's morale is pretty high though as the Sr. leaders are trying to keep it that way. Last night a few of us had a wonderful night of fellowship, sharing verses, talking and praying. Hopefully by the time we leave the group will ourgrow the room we have for it. That would be great. It sounds as though we will be in country in a few months rather then weeks, but of course that is subject to change. I think today we are getting are DCU's which is pretty cool. Instead of green I will be what carmel?? in color. I think carmel is flattering on my figure though, or at least I hope. Hopefully they will be striped to add 15 lbs to my frame!! Oh well, it's still an Army uniform hey. Oh yeah and the best part of the desert uniform.. no more boot shining. I cannot wait. I am sick of shining my boots only to wake up and step and them and leave a nice scuff on the toe. As I was proof reading, I've noticed that my grammar is rather poor, so I will apologize. I have to go now though, I think there is work to do. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.. keep it up because God is faithful and just in answering prayers.. although the answers may come on his timing, they will come. Oh yeah.. just a sidenote; Army food really gives everybody severe gas... which is humorous, at least to a juvenile delinquent such as myself.


Blogger Tonya said...

Hey Bri, I don't know if the guys enjoy waffling as much as Sophie, so watch yourself! :o)

Fri Nov 12, 01:49:00 PM EST  
Blogger mom said...

Hi Brian,
Now Iknow where Sophie gets it from, but I guess I have always known that.. Keep us informed on when it looks like your leaving the country. My prayers are with you.
Love Mom
P. S. please put your address in your next writing so I can pass it on to the family and I also want to pass on your blogsite to my brothers

Fri Nov 12, 04:34:00 PM EST  

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