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Thursday, March 16, 2006


Today the Republican majority in the Senate rejected an amendment proposed by Sen. Conrad on boosting efforts to fight the Avian (bird) Flu illness and America's preparedness to do so. Specifically, the Conrad amendment would have provided:

· $1.5 billion to increase the stockpile of antivirals and necessary medical supplies including masks, gloves, ventilators, antibiotics, and medical treatment for chronic care patients;

· $2.5 billion to accelerate vaccine research, development and manufacturing; and

· $1 billion to increase state and local preparedness.

It failed on a PARTY line vote! Where are your priorities GOP? You bastards still support the tax cuts, supported (once again) to raise the debt limit, support cuts to the VA (while sending our military off to war) and continue to support quite possibly the most non- fiscally conservative President this nation has ever had?!? I am sick and tired of this crap. I am sick and tired of them saying the budget is good, I talk to people everyday, from all over the dang country and they want to know where the economy is good at. I've met more then one truck driver who had to come out of retirement to pay for prescription drugs. I met a 76 year old man about a month ago, who said, "I'm probably going to have to die working because I have to get my prescriptions." Medicare cut the poor man off. For the love. The GOP likes to pander to the Christians but haven't shown me anything to prove that they are Christians. Sure morally they may seem to be (anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage) but in reality what do these stances do? I was anti-abortion. I researched and seen that abortion is a CHOICE that women make, not something forced upon them. It is between them, the dad and their God, not for me to decide for them. Although the word marriage scares some people away from supporting the rights of a homosexual to marry, I want to know why? If you're in a happy marriage, you are faithful to your God, why must you deny another couple the equal rights that you have while being married? It's not about morals to me anymore, it's simply about equality. Will God recognize the marriage? I don't know, it's not my business but what I do know is love deserves equal treatment no matter what two People are in it's bliss!!


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