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I'm going to try and make this blog nonpolitical, the best I can. I am interested in many more things other then politics and this is where I'll include that stuff. I am going to make this blog the place to catch up on how the family and I are doing and what's on my mind other then politics. It's gonna be hard, so don't be surprised if I rant from time to time. Oh and my creations are mine, if you wanna copy them get permission. Copyright belongs to me.

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Thursday, March 16, 2006

How Much Is Enough?

Today Congress approved raising the debt limit, yet again. I don't exactly understand how this nation can stand what is going on with it right now. I don't understand how conservatives can still support this President. It's the 3rd damn time he raised the debt limit. He's more then doubled our debt passed on from the previous 42 Presidents!!!!!!! What the hell?!? This really irritates me. I don't know why this struck such a nerve but I don't even wanna type about it anymore. I might start using words I rarely use.


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