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Monday, February 27, 2006

Ports Deal?

Homeland Security or profits, that is the question. For the bUSH administration they seem to be picking profit over security. The deal to give the UAE control of 21 American ports is a terrible one. Granted odds are good, the same people doing the work on the ports now, will still be working if the deal happens. That's fine and dandy but who really controls security of the ports? The US Coast Guard and US Customs do the majority of it. Owners of the ports although, do get manifests of what's on a boat coming in. They also get a "gameplan" of what the Coast Guard and US Customs response to an emergency. That's where my problem lies. What a stupid idea. Put control in the hands of a nation that thought the Taliban was a legitamite government, whose banks helped to finance the 9-11 hijackings and whom seem to have turned a blind eye to terrorism up until the US started the War on Terrorism. Holy crap, I didn't think bUSHCo could do anything worse then what they've already accomplished. But of course they seemed to have done that. Bastards.


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